How to Toss the Garter

Tossing the garter has a number of variations, from the simple to the mildly raunchy.

A chair is placed within view of the wedding party (mostly on the dance floor) and the bride then takes a seat on it. The groom kneels before her and searches for the garter. It's supposed to be on her left leg and the groom isn't supposed to lift her dress to be able to see the garter. These constrains leave room for interpretation and the groom may encounter "difficulties" in locating the garter, real or imagined - to the amusement and feined embaressment of the bride.

Once the garter has been located, it is thrown, in the same way as the bouquet, i.e. with the groom with his back towards the assembled group of single men, albeit at a much smaller distance to them. The garter is light and comparitevely large, so it provides lots of resistance to air while flying and doesn't have much momentum to propel it forward. Often it falls short of the men. In that case, it is either thrown again, or some man darts and grabs it where it lies on the floor.

At this point the toss is over, were it not for some variantions. In one, the man who has the garter in his posession must put it on the leg of the lady who had caught the bouquet previously. The setting is the same as with the bride and groom, i.e. with the lady sitting on the chair, except in reverse. Since the two persons don't have the intimate relationsship the bride and groom have, the process can provide for good amusement of the wedding party.

The whole procedure is helped on with appropriate music playing. An MC who can get the men assembled and who comments the proceedings and prods the flow when neccessary is helpful too.